Do you have talents that would improve our dog­-parking or benefit our group experience?

Become a general volunteer for park stewardship,­ even small commitments add up:

● Can you take minutes at meetings?
● Do you have marketing experience?
● Are you available to sell memberships at the park or at a mall?
● Help publicize events to members and the public by phone, letter, or e­mail?

We are always looking for volunteers at our events, please take a second to let us know if you would be interested in volunteering at any of the following:

● Spring Clean up
● Fall Expo
● Fundraising events (raffles and 50/50)
● Membership drives
● BBQ’s
● Board position

Please indicate your availability for volunteering:
● Daytime
● Evening
● Weekends

Email: brendaleipsicdogparkers@gmail.com