Update: Charleswood dog park

WRCP-ExtensionStudy-MapIf you’re a Brenda Leipsic Dog Parker and also a fan of the Charleswood Off-leash Dog Park on Grant at the William R Clement Parkway (WRCP), here’s an update:

In mid 2014, City Council approved an upgrade of the timeline for the extension of the WRCP from Grant Ave to Wilkes from a medium-term goal to a short-range project.

The extension project will trigger the closure of the Charleswood Park.

Both Windog and BLDP sent representatives to the recent public consultation, and Windog garnered a stakeholder consultation on the park’s behalf.

A project study of the extension is due for final public consultation and study completion by Spring of 2016 – one year from now.

For perspective on this, since the study on the Waverly Underpass project 4 months ago, the City has already approved funding and given it a “green light”!

Recently, BLDP founder Rosalyn Jones-Smith has put her energies towards starting up a Dog Park Club at Charleswood.

She and I spent the afternoon there this past Saturday, and interest and support for forming a club was overwhelming. We added over 40 pups (and their owners) to a new member mailing list in just three hours!

An immediate goal is forming a stakeholder group to work with the consulting group on the WRCP project with a view to minimizing the footprint of the parkway extension through the park. The idea would be to maintain at least a portion of the park as a neighbourhood off-leash area.

Further, we at BLDP are exploring the idea of partnering with the group from Charleswood to lobby for a large, regional “destination” park for the greater southwest Winnipeg area. The opportunity to find a substantial (100 acre?) site within the 1000’s of acres now under study for the WRCP project is to good an opportunity to pass up!

During our recent visit at the park, we put out the call for interested individuals to step forward to speak for our furry friends at Charleswood… If you’re keen, and interested in helping organize this new group send an e-mail to:

Or find charleswood dog park club on Facebook.

If you’re not already a fan of this park, check out the great community there!

For more information on the WRCP extension study visit the City’s website at:


Working to create great  spaces for our pooches,
Your BLDP Board

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