Annual General Meeting Announcement!


1. Welcome and Call to Order

2. Approval of 2015 AGM minutes

3. Reports
a) Chair Report (Suz Shiells)
b) Financial (Dan McInnis)
c) Membership Report ( Andrea Szwajcer)

4. Changing of bylaws
5.4 Delete “director of stewardship” and the s from Director of Event (s) and add two members at large. Hopefully this will attract members to join the board less formally.
11.4 Change registered office to “The Registered Office for the Organization may be established or changed by Ordinary resolution of the Board of Directors.” so that it does not need to change every time there is a board change.

5. Nomination and Election of officers for 2016/2017
a) Slate of Nominees
b) Nominations from the Floor
c) Elections of Officers
Vice Chair
Director of Communications
Director of Marketing
Director of Events
Director of Membership
Member at Large (2)

6. Suggestions for the2016

7. Adjournment

At this point for anyone who would like to stay there will be a discussion about the future of the park. It will include information about the Phases of Development for Rapid Transit and the future Brenda Leipsic Dog Park

2015 Year End Financials

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