Chairs Message – December 2017

It has been 8 months since I provided you an update on the Brenda Leipsic Dog Park activities so this message is overdue! I would like to share with you three items of interest.

The first item is the status of our redeveloped dog park. The Board has been diligently working with the City of Winnipeg on the design and amenities that will make Brenda Leipsic Dog Park the envy of all dog parkers. The “60% design” has been completed by the landscape architects and the Board had an opportunity to provide comments. On October 18, the Board submitted 32 comments on the design that are now being considered by the City. We will continue to work with the City as the design gets refined. The next version of the design will be available to the public for input in the spring of 2018. The City has confirmed that the redeveloped dog park will be ready for use by November 1, 2019.

The second item to report on is the status of a temporary dog park. As many already know, the construction of the Hurst extension and Georgina St. is now complete and in service. GEM has started the residential development in the forested area and the majority of the trees have been removed. Unfortunately that has left us without a dog park to walk our four legged friends. The good news is that the City and Manitoba Hydro are working to establish a 3.5 acre temporary dog park in very close proximity to Brenda Leipsic Dog Park that we will be able to use until November 1, 2019. More details to follow!

The third item is related to the City of Winnipeg Dog Park Master Plan. The consultation process continues until December 21 and I would encourage you to participate. The goal is to develop a plan that the City will use to guide future dog park developments. I am confident that this is a worthwhile effort and will increase the quantity and quality of off-leash dog parks in the City. Your input is crucial so please participate by checking out the City PROJECT WEBPAGE.

Lastly, are you stumped on what to buy yourself or a friend(s) for the upcoming holiday season? If you are, remember that a membership to Brenda Leipsic Dog Park is always appreciated (plus it only costs $5.00!). Click HERE to make it happen.

All the best for the upcoming holiday season!

Dan McInnis – Chair BLDP Inc.

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