February 2015, Brenda Leipsic Dog Park AGM Meeting

Bella, photo credit Carl Krahn
Bella at Brenda Leipsic Dog Park, photo credit Carl Krahn

On Thursday, February 19th at the Winnipeg Humane Society, members of Brenda Leipsic Dog Park will vote to elect their first Board of Directors.

The off leash park is located in the city’s South West, and like many of Winnipeg’s dog parks, it faces the threat of radical downsizing or closure.

The City of Winnipeg has just secured funding to send the bus rapid transit corridor (BRT) through the park’s current location. The City swapped the woods next to the dog park to a private developer in 2009. Trees and wetlands will become 3500 condos. When the first “no trespassing” signs appeared in November 2014, it was a shock to many dog walkers, and it spurred some to action.

“The need to formalize and to give a voice to those who use and love this park arose out of the City’s failure to properly assess the impact of their plans. There are outstanding issues surrounding the high-density housing development, the BRT ‘dog leg’ route, and the destruction of the wetland habitat. We’d like those issues to be addressed.” Says Kevin Kushnier, the board’s Provisional Chairman.

Read more: AGM News Release

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