Important Updates

Phase 1 of the Bus Rapid Transit is starting. Important information regarding parking, and relocation of the BLDP:

  • GEM Equities has graciously agreed to allow our members and all other users of the park to use their property (otherwise known as the Forest) located to the north of the Winnipeg Humane Society, during construction and until such time as they start development of the land. See the picture of the sign and aerial photo of park below for location.

    Phase 1 and Phase 2 access to Temporary BLDP site: Phase 1 (the blue line) is the access from Hurst for dog parkers – in effect January 2016 to July 2016. Phase 2 is in black (with 24 parking stalls) access with parking lot to be available sometime after July 2016.
  • There will be fencing that will close off access of the forest from the field that houses the Manitoba Hydro towers — see next point
  • Manitoba Hydro will be putting up the fences will be going up this week (January 21, 2016)
    • Fencing will be placed where the paths in the wooded area meet the open area – please ask everyone (and their dogs) to respect the fencing for their own safety. Keep to the paths in the forest

  • Manitoba Hydro new tower placement will start February 1, 2016
    • Towers will start to be delivered on February 17, 2016 and temporarily be placed along the fenced field
    • There will be a lot of vehicles and equipment moving around and construction trailers will be parked just east of the existing dog park
    • Contract is slated to be finished July 1, 2016

  • City of Winnipeg will be putting up a sign stating the Dog Park is closed; this refers to the “legal” dog park and does not refer to our temporary relocation to the Forest. There will be another sign from the City of Winnipeg to located near the “Closed” sign redirecting people to the temporary, Forest location. See a picture of this sign below.
  • The Community Bulletin Board will be removed this week and placed in storage. The cards, lost and found was collected by our Treasurer Dan McInnis. All lost items will be kept for 1 month and then discarded or donated. Please send an email to brendaleipsicdogparkers@gmail.comif there are any items of yours that may have been on the Bulletin Board.
  • Phase 1 Temporary Parking of Dog Parkers – see the captioned image above. Access from Parker will be for construction; access for Dog Parkers will be from Hurst. This access will be from now until 2019.The area marked 24 parking stalls is the phase 2 parking
    • The phase 2 parking will be developed by the City of Winnipeg. This is anticipated sometime after July 1, 2016.
This will be the temporary relocation sign designed and created by the City of Winnipeg to be posted near the official Closed sign.

The Board will endeavor to keep our website and Facebook page as up to date as possible to alert members and non-members alike. With the Bulletin Board to be unavailable for the foreseeable future, digital communication becomes primary. Please encourage everyone to either subscribe to our Facebook and/or Twitter feeds.

Annual General Meeting of the Brenda Leipsic Dog Parkers Inc. – official call:
BLDP Inc. is combining Spring Clean Up (of the Forest) and the Annual General Meeting together! Be sure to save the date for April 16, 2016. Time, location of AGM and agenda will be forthcoming. There will be much to discuss and report including a WinDog summary, new BLDP park planning and more information regarding construction developments.

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