From the Archives – BLDP’s Birthday!


Did you know when BLDP first became a dog park? Read the below press release! 

WINNIPEG – October 5, 2007 – The City’s first off-leash dog park in River Heights/Fort Garry Ward was officially opened today at the corner of Hurst Way and Parker Avenue

Twelve sites have been selected in Winnipeg parks and public spaces where dog owners can let their pets socialize and exercise off-leash in a safe environment.

The newest off-leash dog park has been established on 16.5 hectares of vacant land provided through a five-year lease with Manitoba Hydro. The off-leash park is just southeast of the new Humane Society Building on Hurst Way.

In exchange for the use of the land, which Hydro provided for $1, the City will maintain the open area including the mowing of grass.

Councillor Brenda Leipsic of River Heights/Fort Garry, Glenn Schneider, Division Manager, Public Affairs, Manitoba Hydro, and Vicki Burns, Executive Director of the Winnipeg Humane Society unveiled a new sign at the park.

“This is a great and much needed space for dog lovers in River Heights/Fort Garry said, Councillor Leipsic, “I am very pleased that with the cooperation of Manitoba Hydro we have been able to convert this wonderful space into an area that can be used by the community.”

“Manitoba Hydro President and CEO Bob Brennan noted that, “Manitoba Hydro’s community involvement goes beyond providing an energy service, we are very pleased to partner with the City to make this land available for citizens and their pets.”

“The location of this off-leash park to our new Humane Society Building is a definite asset,” said Vicki Burns. “This will be a convenient location both for our staff and volunteers and the residents of this area to exercise their dogs.”

At all off-leash locations, dog owners are required to pick up after their dog and all dogs must be properly licensed. Owners must have full voice control over their dogs. Complete rules of usage are posted at each site.

A complete listing of the City’s off-leash dog parks, rules of use for off-leash dog areas and code of ethics can be found

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